Big Brother star reveals devastating news that she lost four babies

She spoke out after CBB's Nicola made dig at Kim for not having children

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Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has opened up about the tragic loss of four babies and the cruel abuse she has been getting.

The former Big Brother star told the Mirror that she had been struggling to deal with the nasty comments.

The 38-year-old said people are calling her “barren” and telling her “nobody wants you”.

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She said: “I’m just drained from it, I hardly slept, it’s pretty deep.

“I’ve had people say to me on Twitter, ‘You’re barren, you can’t have kids, nobody wants you, nobody wants to have kids with you.’ I’ve had it all and it’s hard.

“I come off Twitter quite often because there are a lot of people on there who say hurtful things. As much as you shouldn’t let it bother you it does hurt and cut deep.

“I’m just so tired. I’ve been awake all night with memories I don’t want to have as people are making me relive things I don’t want to. People are just so nasty.”

The glamour model has spoken out to defend her best friend Nicola McLean who is currently in the Celebrity Big Brother House.

Nicola has gotten herself into a bit of trouble after making a cruel comment to Kim Woodburn for not having children. Little does Nicola know, Kim suffered a stillborn birth and buried her own baby when she was just 23-year-old.

Aisleyne has said that Nicola didn’t know about Kim’s tragic past and told Twitter followers: “Trust me, if she knew Kim’s story she wouldn’t have said that because I have the same story and pain as Kim…”

She also added: “I’m hurt because the pain is palpable for me as I have lost 4 babies… that pain is the deepest pain I could ever feel so would not defend anyone if they belittled it but I genuinely do not believe that Nicola knew of Kim’s story.”

Talking about losing her babies, she said the hospital weren’t that helpful at all.

“I had one at nearly six months, I gave birth and they wouldn’t test me, I don’t know why,” she recalled.

“They just said, ‘It can happen sometimes.’ I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong, I wasn’t out partying. So it was hard they wouldn’t test me. And back then I couldn’t go private as I didn’t have any money.

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“Then it happened again and I asked if they’d test me. I wanted to know why this kept happening. They told me they had a protocol that if you had three or more they would test. So after the third miscarriage, they started doing their tests.

“I had ultrasounds and they told me my womb was heart-shaped and I’m rhesus negative, a blood group that attacks anything that comes into your body. A powerful blood that will attack anything foreign in the body. I was told all you need is one antidote injection.”