Big Brother star accuses dentist of “torturing” her and ruining her teeth

She was left in excruciating pain and with a wonky smile after surgery

Former Big Brother star, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, has spoken out about the nightmare that she has lived since visiting a dodgy dentist.

Appearing on Channel 5’s Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, Aisleyne revealed the results of some shocking dental work that left her with a wonky smile.

She has revealed the unbearable pain that she suffered at the hands of a dentist that had put a smile on many celebrities before her.

Aisleyne though, was shocked at the results when she looked in the mirror.

She accused the dentist of ruining her teeth, saying: “The pain was excruciating. He tortured me. I felt like I was just a guinea pig for him.

“I looked at my face, I didn’t recognise who I was.”

She claimed that her teeth were fixed in different directions, despite six hours of surgery.

She says that she returned many times to try and have it corrected but it had shattered her confidence and left her unable to smile.

Former I’m A Celebrity star, Nicola McLean, is a close friend of Aisleyne and she spoke out about how it had affected the reality TV star.

Nicola said: “She was really affected. She wouldn’t go out with guys, she didn’t want people to see her.

“That was tough, as a friend, to see.”

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The whole sorry episode left Aisleyne with a fear of the dentist and unable to flash her pearly whites in public.

She said: “Since he damaged my teeth any red carpet event I go to, I do not open my mouth when I smile. It’s made me really self conscious.”

Appearing in the Channel 5 documentary, Aisleyne looks to get a mouth “monstrosity” fixed by cosmetic dentist Adam Slade.

She gets her temporary veneers made permanent and depsite having a ‘moment’ with the amount of needles required for this process, it has breathed new confidence in to the TV star.

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Aisleyne revealed: “I’d say my life has improved since the treatment because my confidence is back.

“I’m happy to smile, I don’t feel so self conscious. I don’t cover my mouth when I’m laughing anymore.

“I can’t wait to go to my next red carpet event, because previously I’d be really self-conscious of my gum line and how my teeth were looking, but now I can just smile with ease and be confident.

“My nerves have gone, I’ve got no anxiety, I don’t need sedating. I believe in dentists again.

“I can’t wait to show off my gnashers.”

Celebrity Botched Up Bodies is on Channel 5 tonight at 10pm.