Big Brother is reuniting Chanelle and Ziggy!

The former couple were the talk of the 2007 series

Think back to who you were in a relationship with a decade ago.

Are you still together? If not, the chances are you would rather eat your own earwax than be reunited with them.


Now, imagine if your break-up 10 years ago had actually played out on television in front of millions.

A split so toe-curling you’d rather chop off your own feet that revisit again…

Yep, you there?

Well, it’s back-slapping time for Big Brother as they have managed to pull off quite the feat.

Chanelle Hayes, star of Big Brother 2007 – when it was still on Channel 4 – has agreed to appear alongside her ex from the show, Ziggy Lichman.

The pair were a red-hot item (for about five minutes). But they kept having epic rows.

Ziggy decided he needed to end things, feeling he’d become half the person he was when he entered the house.

And, mid-dumping, he delivered the fateful words: “It’s not you, it’s me.”


Chanelle was quick to pounce, saying: “Hold on, did you just say, ‘It’s not you, it’s me,’ on national TV?”

ER, yeah, he did… and viewers spent the rest of the summer taking the proverbial out of him.

When Ziggy left the house he told the Sunday papers that Chanelle was a psycho.

So, y’know, they didn’t exactly end up great mates.

And if that’s not enough excitement, the show will also reunite former lovers Katie Price and Dane Bowers.

It’s almost too much to take in this heatwave.

And that’s exactly why it will be so compelling to watch them reunite on tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side.

Did we mention it’s TONIGHT? At 10.35pm… We urge you not to miss it – obviously.