Big Brother housemate Sukhvinder succeeds in falling out with basically everyone!

She's not made herself very popular with housemates

Normally in the first week of Big Brother, the newbies tend to be all sweetness and light as they get to know each other and try to keep things calm.

But not this series.

Just a couple of days in and already there has been an almighty row or two – and both spats were about hair and beauty.

Unsurprisingly, the argument involved the increasingly and amusingly grumpy Sukhvinder Jahveed, who at the time was still smarting after having been seperated from her nice-guy husband Imran by Tom the People’s housemate.

Sukhvinder kick off when Kaylegh strolled past her brushing her hair while she was trying to eat dinner (Credit: Channel 5)

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This is the same woman who, after just a few hours of being in the house, decided that she wasn’t impressed by the calibre of housemate she was lumbered with – which it turned out to be comprised mainly of former reality stars from shows such as Ex On The Beach and Ibiza Weekender.

The first big argument kicked off when Kayleigh Morris strolled past Sukhvinder’s table in the kitchen brushing her her long tumbling locks.

Because she was eating her dinner at the time, Sukhvinder saw red and kicked off.

A row escalated over brushing hair near people’s food. (Credit: Channel 5)

“You need to get some manners mate,” she snapped. “I’m eating my food, I do not want you bruising your hair need my food.

Taken aback, Kayleigh told Sukhvinder not to be so judgemental and argued that she wasn’t brushing her hair into her food.

But Suk argued that the kitchen wasn’t the appropriate place to be teasing her tresses especially when people are eating.

Kayleigh argued that she wasn’t brushing her hair into Sukhvinder’s food. (Credit: Channel 5)

It didn’t take long for the argument to escalate and the two girls began swearing at each other

“Don’t [bleeping] tell me what to do!” Kayleigh sniped.

“I will brush my hair wherever the [bleep] I want to. I’m telling you now, don’t tell me what to do.” to which Sukvinder replied: “Do NOT speak to me like that!”

But it wasn’t just Kayleigh that Sukhvinder fell out with in the first few days.

She and Rebecca Jane did too, this time over make up.

Rebecca said she wouldn’t employ someone who didn’t wear make up to work (Credit: Channel 5)

When the private detective claimed she wouldn’t employ a woman who doesn’t wear make-up – a debate she had previously discussed on This Morning with Phillip and Holly back in January – Sukhvinder exploded.

“Girls have got so much pressure. If they don’t feel good in their own skin, make-up isn’t going to help. It’s just a mask, ” a slap-free Sukhvinder argued.

“You’re discriminating against girls.

“Girls out there need to own that [bleep], they don’t need girls on the TV spending five hours putting their make-up on.”

She said there was too much pressure on young girls to wear make up at all times (Credit: Channel5)

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Rebecca argued back that she wouldn’t give a girl a job of she wasn’t wearing any make up and then appeared to compare discrimination to racism which went down like a mud sandwich with Suk.

Later, Rebecca told Big Brother that she thought that Sukhvinder  would “be a big problem” now that “true personalities” are coming out.

Yes, even though Sukhvinder has made some very valid points, we wouldn’t be surprised if viewers voted her first out.