Big Brother guest Gemma Collins disgusted as housemate WEES on her

Could this girl go any lower?

It seems Big Brother housemate Chanelle McCleary has not been house-trained.

She has certainly not been taught/learnt any manners.

Last week we revealed how the reality wannabe weed in the hot tub – and took great glee in telling her fellow housemate.

While soaking up some rays in the afternoon sunshine, Chanelle let slip her shocking secret to Raph.

Chanelle can go anytime, any place, anywhere… (Credit: Channel 5)

Without an ounce of shame or regret, Chanelle announced: “I’m having a wee, I hope they’ve not just put chlorine in.”

A horrified Raph, who was dangling is feet into the pool at the time, questioned: “You’re having a wee in the hot tub? Why don’t you just go to the bathroom? It’s right there.”

She replied that it was “too far”.

Chanelle seems to lack basic manners (Credit: Channel 5)

In spite of the fact Chanelle’s actions were pretty icky, the pair of them started laughing like drains.

As they guffawed, Big Brother then announced that the hot tub would remain out of bounds.

Just days later, Chanelle was slapped with a warning from Big Brother after she spat during a row with Kieran.

Seriously, was this girl DRAGGED UP?

But she showcased her bad habits to the wrong person when she took on Gemma Collins yesterday.

The TOWIE star had entered the house along with Nicola McLean and

She was in the hot tub with Chanelle, when suddenly she yelled: “You’re weeing by me!”

Gemma was visibly disgusted by Chanelle’s antics (Credit: Channel 5)

As the others giggled, Gemma became crosser.

“No, that’s really bad,” she added. “Do you know that’s so? This is a pee take.”

Grumbling to Ellie later, she confirmed she had actually been peed on.

“I feel violated,” she complained. “My legs feel like they are itching.”

“Babe, it ain’t my style. No one has ever peed on me,” she added. “They wouldn’t have the cheek to do it.”

NO ONE should have the cheek to do it – to anyone!

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