Big Brother favourite displays appalling bruises after being attacked in a taxi

A shared taxi turned into a terrifying ordeal

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Big Brother 10 winner Josie Gibson has shared images showing the results of an alleged brutal attack she and two friends endured in the back of a taxi.

Josie shared several photos from the attack to Instagram (Credit: Josie Gibson)

Shaken and angry Josie detailed the incident which took place this week.

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The alleged attack came after Josie and her friends invited a man to share their taxi on a night out.

The popular reality star claims the man attempted to sexually assault her friend, Demi, in the back of the taxi and,  when she tried to stop him, he began punching the women.

Josie and her friend were left with painful-looking bruises.

Josie and two of her friends were assaulted in a taxi (Credit: Josie Gibson)

“Nothing makes me more angry and disturbed than a ‘man’ that thinks it’s acceptable and funny to attack women,” Josie said.

“Just because we were kind enough to give you a lift doesn’t mean to can try and do the things you were doing to her! I tried but couldn’t stop him as he was in the back.” [sic]

Josie claimed the man knocked Demi out before punching her and a third friend, as they rode in the front of the car.

She claims eventually they managed to convince the alleged attacker to leave the taxi, only to have him open the boot door and continue the assault through the back of the cab.

“The only thing I could do was hit him with my wedge to get him off of us,” she said. “We finally got him out of our taxi and were so relieved it was the end.

“But oh no this disgrace of a man decided to open up the back of the taxi from the boot and continue to punch my friend Demi where non of us to could get in the way.” [sic]

Josie is still reeling (Credit: Josie Gibson)

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It is not yet known whether Josie and her friends have filed a police complaint against the man in question.

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