BGT viewers think they have worked out DNA’s T-shirt trick

Just how DID Darren and Andrew change those T-Shirts?

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It’s been two days since the first episode of the new series of Britain’s Got Talent aired and still we’re all talking about it.

And there was so much to choose from.

Some of us were moved by the haunting voices of the Missing People’s Choir, while others were blown away by the powerhouse vocals of 15-year old Sarah Ikumu.

And then our funny bones were tickled by that cheeky little boy Ned Woodman (below) who outrageously branded Amanda Holden a dog while controversy reigned when it emerged that Adam Keeler’s hilarious variety act was a rip off.

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But another act on the night that had us all talking was the odd double act DNA.

Darren, 29, and Andrew, 43 were the mind-reading turn with the trance-inducing monotone voices.

But what they lacked in charisma, they certainly made up for in talent.

Not only did they stun the judging panel by reading Amanda and Simon’s minds, they wowed the crowd by revealing their camouflage-patterned T-shirts had turned black during their performance – right in front of the audience.

While most of us let the magic of the act sweep over us, some curious cats pressed rewind to see if they could work out how the clever blighters changed their T-shirts without anyone noticing.

And some-eagle eyed viewers claim they have sussed out how the fellas pulled the wool over our eyes!

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In a clip posted on Twitter (above), one viewer says Darren and Andrew could be seen pulling their shirts down mid-way through the routine.

Others like Sian (below) thought reversible sequins could have changed the look of the T-shirt.

A chap called Daniel was convinced that the boys were able to read minds by wearing microphones on their heads.

While many speculated as to how they were able to fool us all, the general consensus was that the act was amazing, with audiences hoping they make it through to the week of the semi finals.

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