BGT school choir teacher hits back at fix claims

The first live show didn't get off to a good start

A Britain’s Got Talent act was accused of cheating, but now the act has responded to the accusations.

During the first live shows, St Patrick’s Junior Choir from Drumgreenagh took to the stage, but viewers thought something suspicious was going on.

Their track started playing, but they were said to be out of time. This led people to believe that they were miming.

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The kids’ music teacher Patricia McCaughey has now told the BBC that even the “greatest artists in the world” can experience technical issues.

She added: “The children didn’t notice there was anything in particular wrong, they just knew the little introduction hadn’t been played. They stood and waited and the section of the song that was played, wasn’t what they were waiting for.

“Thankfully Ant and Dec came on stage to the rescue and it all started again.

“They had rehearsed for hours, days and months and gave the performance of their lives. Their little personalities shone through.”

Rushing onto the stage when the wrong song was played, Dec said: “We’re just going to stop it there. Just a couple of technical issues – our first act of the semi-finals.”

Viewers took to Twitter to share their disapproval and assumed that they had been miming.

Despite the “awkward” start, the 36-piece group stunned the judges with their performance.

They sang Katy Perry’s hit Roar, and everybody loved it.

Afterwards, Dec said: “Sound issue there, they couldn’t hear the track so we let them start again.”

Judge David Walliams added: “I thought it was fantastic and well-recovered from that technical hitch because it can throw people.”

A very kind Amanda Holden said that the eight to 12-year-olds were a “breath of fresh air”.

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Simon added: “What makes me laugh is that I know the chaos going on in the gallery and you were so calm.”

After their error, a Britain’s Got Talent spokesperson said: “A technical glitch meant that the wrong song was played at the start of St Patrick’s Junior Choir performance as well as some vocals recorded during a rehearsal from them. The choir did not mime and we are very proud of their performance.”

Tune in tonight on ITV at 7.30pm for the second round of the live semi finals.

Fingers crossed it kicks off without a glitch this time!