BGT mind readers tell Ferne McCann what sex her baby is

She didn't want to know, but now she does. Kind of!

Pregnant Ferne McCann said recently she had no intention of finding out what the sex of her unborn baby was until it was born.

But now she seems to have backtracked and asked – not a doctor – but two mind-reading wizards to tell her what she can look forward to having.

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The former TOWIE star was back on This Morning to interview the mind boggling Britain’s Got Talent  finalists DNA and decided to put them to the test and work out what the sex of her baby was going to be.

And they did just that! Kind of.

The DNA boys first of all placed a hand on Ferne’s minuscule bump and after a bit of hard thinking, one of them announced that she would be having a baby boy.

But before the mum-to-be could take that in, the other cheeky fella hedged the pair’s bets by swiftly adding, “And if it’s not a boy, it’s going to be a girl.”


A tad confused, Ferne asked: “So, which one should I trust?”

Well, bearing in mind its a 50/50 chance of either sex, and Ferne can’t tell us which, we’re not sure what to believe and will just have to wait until the baby is finally here.

Back in the studio, Rylan and Alison, who were standing in for Phillip and Holly, were left just as confused and trying to work out themselves whether or not Ferne would have a son or a daughter.

“She is carrying forward so I think it’s a boy,” Alison, said sounding mighty convinced by her own words.

“I think she’s going to have a girl,” Rylan disagreed. “I can just see Ferne with a little girl.”

“Me too,” Alison then nodded in agreement, totally contradicting her first comment.

Ferne is finally piecing her life back together after her boyfriend and baby daddy Arthur Collins was arrested for throwing acid at people in a night club.

She had taken time out from This Morning to deal with the shock and heartache caused by the hideous crime.

But this week she was back on top form  and looked great.

Meanwhile, she has revealed that aside from her traumatic love life, her pregnancy has been pretty standard.

“I’ve had all the symptoms – started off with the nausea, then the crazy headaches that led to vomiting, the morning sickness,” she revealed recently.

“I don’t know why they call it morning sickness, because I’ve been sick morning, noon and night. But I’m feeling good.”

She added that when she heard her baby’s heartbeat for the first time she was ecstatic.

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“Leading up to that point, you’re thinking I hope everything is OK with the baby. It’s just a magical moment – it’s mental, being pregnant,” she explained.

“I’m just so looking forward to it – I can’t wait to meet my baby. It’s not going to be easy but I’m going to be the best possible mum I can be.”