BGT hit by FIX accusation as finalist is related to show employee

Apparently Issy Simpson's grandfather used to work on the show

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A reality show just isn’t worth its salt unless it’s hit by a ‘FIX’ scandal.

Strictly has them all the time, usually when it emerges that some of the celeb dancers have been to stage school, which means they have previously had some kind of dance experience.

The X Factor is always branded a ‘fix’ whenever someone appears in the show who’s either been in a band before or has been an associate of Simon Cowell or Louis Walsh in their past lives.

But this week viewers have branded BGT a fix after eight-year-old Issy Simpson made it through to the final this weekend.

Viewers are suspicious that Issy has done so well and her granddad helped with magic tricks on BGT (Credit: ITV)

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What’s such a fix about that, we hear you cry!

Well it turns out that her grandfather used to work on BGT!

Issa and the judges on the edges of their seats (Credit: ITV)

The sweet pre-teen magician said that her grandpa Russ Stevens is the fella who had inspired her to perform magic tricks in the first place.

But – it turns out – Russ also just happens to be a chap who worked on the show for several years and trained 2015 finalist Jamie Raven and 2013 contestant James More. Hmmm!

Issy dazzled the judges with eh trick even though she fluffed her lines (Credit: ITV)

Now viewers are wondering if she has done so well on the show because of her secret connection.

However, it is understood that Issy didn’t let anyone on the production team know that she was actually related to a BGT employee.

A source told The Mirror that Russ “is well known in the magic world as the main magic man behind the scenes on Britain’s Got Talent”.

“Surely the grand-daughter of the person in charge of magic performing a self-working routine she’s taught by him isn’t right?”

Alesha made a mistake during Issy’s trick in the semi final (Credit: ITV)

However, viewers were fast to criticise Issy’s performance, saying she only got through because she was a child.

One armchair critic sniped: “Just saying if an adult had performed to the standard of Issy Simpson they would not have made the final. #BGT.”

Another whingey wannabe Goggleboxer said: “Only reason Issy Simpson got through is because she’s a child, not based on talent. Yes it was good, not final worthy though, my opinion. #bgt.”

Issa told Eamonn and Ruth that her granddad had given her her first magic set (Credit: ITV)

Some praised Russ though.

“You must be so proud Russ #RussStevens of you’re Grand Daughter on @BGT absolutely fantastic,” said one.

Speaking on This Morning, Issy admitted that she had “learnt magic from watching her granddad” but failed to mention that Russ had had a connection with the show.

Ruth and Eamonn were won over by their pintsized magician (Credit:ITV)

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“I had a Marvin’s Magic Kit and I loved Harry Potter,” she told Ruth and Eamonn.

“And I watch my grandad do tricks, as well.”

Ruth said, “Grandad was there doing that first was he?” to which Issy replied, “Yeah!”

Yeah we bet! See how Issy gets on in the final this weekend.

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