BGT fans confused about what Alesha Dixon has under her trousers

Is she or isn't she wearing stilts? That really was the question on Twitter last night

Britain’s Got Talent really is a show that gives and gives.

Not only does it showcase some of the best undiscovered talent the UK has to offer, viewers get to experience true WOW moments.

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You know what we mean, when someone comes out on stage and you just get blown away by what you see.

Like, for example, the time a frumpy looking SuBo waddled out on stage… Who ever expected to hear that stunning voice come from her?

No one ever expected Susan Boyle to be as good as she was (Credit: ITV)

Similarly, Paul Potts shocked the nation when the tubby mobile phone shop worker showcased a surprisingly accomplished sounding operatic voice.

Paul Potts shocked viewers with his amazing operatic voice (Credit: ITV)

Last night, BGT viewers once again enjoyed a WOW moment, but very much of a different kind.

It wasn’t an eager-eyed wannabe who was making viewers gasp at home, it was judge Alesha Dixon.

And it wasn’t anything she did that made them do it. It was what she was wearing.

During a magic act she was asked up on stage and as she took steps up there, the nation went wild.

Why? Because she was wearing a pair of baggy vertically striped trousers that made her look ten foot tall.

Alesha’s pantaloons stunned viewers (credit: ITV)

Flabbergasted, giddy viewers were straight on social media to clarify with others what they were seeing.

“Why does Alesha look like she is on stilts 😂😂😂 #BGT” one Tweeted, while another said, “Interesting to see Alesha Dixon wearing stilts on #bgt tonight.”

A  viewer called Kaielle asked: “why does Alseha on BGT look like a circus performer on stilts?”, while Valerie Williams asked “Is Alesha 10 foot tall on stilts?

In fact, most of Twitter thought Alesha was either wearing stilts or had grown ten foot taller.

Viewers questioned whether or not Alesha was wearing stilts (Credit: ITV)

We’ve been reliably told that Alesha was not in fact wearing stilts under those pantaloons of hers, but hey – what a great tip for those of us who wouldn’t mind giving people the impression we’re a lot taller than we are.

Now the question is, what will Alesha be wearing at the live semi finals this week? Credit: ITV)

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Now we can’t wait to see what Alesha will be wearing next week when the live semi finals kick off!

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