Coronation Street: Bethany Platt’s new makeover is a jaw-dropper

What must Craig think?

One of Soap Land’s cutest couples are set to face their first hurdle in Coronation Street next week when Craig Tinker discovers his girlfriend, Bethany Platt, is working as a LAP DANCER.

Rookie police officer, Craig, is called to an incident at a club, when the manager suggests he speak to their newest dancer, Maddison, who witnessed the incident.

Bethany’s secret job is revealed next week (Credit: ITV)

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Craig is knocked for six when he discovers ‘Maddison’ is actually Bethany.

Bethany, who was at the centre of a sexual exploitation plot last year, explains to Craig that she enjoys lap dancing because it makes her feel powerful over men.

She says that she feels in control as they can look, but aren’t allowed to touch her, unlike her experience at the hands of sex ring leader, Nathan Curtis.

Craig is horrified by her career choice, but a determined Bethany tells him that if he can’t accept it, it’s over between them.

She’s horrified to see Craig at the club (Credit: ITV)

Her words give him food for thought and he interrupts her mid-dance to give her his verdict on their relationship.

Will he be unable to live with her new job?

Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany, spoke out about her character’s odd choice last year.

She told The Mirror: “Bethany does get a job at the strip club and for Bethany it’s a thing to say that she has control over what those men can do to her so they can’t touch her and they can’t do anything to her.

“She takes back control of her own body and the way she views herself. In her mind she’s laughing at them as she’s doing. Obviously a lot of people will be asking ‘why is she doing that? that’s ridiculous’ but it’s the way that she’s recovering.

What does this mean for the young couple? (Credit: ITV)

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“Whether that’s the right thing is another story.”

If Craig can be understanding remains to be seen.