Ben Shephard shares rare photo of him and young son bonding over baking

The Good Morning Britain presenter shared a snap of his son Jack

Ben Shephard has shared the sweetest photo of he and his son Jack.

After seeking inspiration from Mary Berry, it looks like Ben and his 12-year-old spent some much-needed quality time together.

The 41-year-old GMB host uploaded a photo of the “carnage” while Jack cooked.

Ben’s son Jack had a go at baking, along with his dad’s help (Credit: Instagram/@benshephardofficial)

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He wrote: “Jack doing his best Bake off audition. All looking good so far only moments from the clear up carnage! #family#cakes #bakeoff #kidscook”.

Save us a slice!

Ben, who also has another son Sam, 10, recently shared a photo of his wife’s home-grown flowers.

“Wife feeling very proud of herself as these were planted, grown and picked by her in her garden – Jack doing science homework isn’t remotely interested!!”, he wrote.

Ben shares a snapshot of his family life (Credit: Instagram/@benshephardofficial)

Hilariously adding: “The smell is pretty amazing too – of the flowers, not the boy that’s a whole different insta-story! #summer #flowers #sweetpea”.

Ben rarely shares photos of his sons but seems to be loving life at home right now.

He’s been married to Annie Perks for 13 years, and is cherishing every moment he spends with his family, now that his boys are “grown up”.

“Hard to believe these two are my little boys! #boys #sons #grownups”, he shared alongside a photo of his family’s matching outfits.

His two sons and wife have been spending lots of quality time together (Credit: Instagram/@benshephardofficial)

The Essex-born presenter revealed last year that he cut down his working hours as he felt like he was “grumpy”, and wife Annie thought that his health was being affected.

“Something had to give. The year before I’d done a huge series of Tipping Point and that was brutal. I was up at 3am for Good Morning Britain and not getting home until 6pm four or five days a week. Then I was working on Sundays for Sky,” he said to the Daily Mail.

“I was constantly shattered and it was Annie, Sam and Jack who suffered because the best of me was when I was at work. The only way forward was to cut back, but giving something up was really hard. It’s tough for anyone who’s freelance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on TV or you’re an electrician or plumber.

Ben has been married to his beautiful wife for 13 years (Credit: Wenn)

“Undoubtedly, the thing that has the most impact is getting up at 3am so we decided I’d cut back on Good Morning Britain. It felt like such a big decision but then, a few weeks afterwards, I was in Sydney watching my godmother die. I was always close to her, and being there with her clarified for me that I’d made the right decision.

“It was the saddest thing that’s happened in my life, but it gave me a new understanding: she’d had an incredible life because she’d filled it with friends and family.”

“I was tired, our lifestyle was struggling and the boys were suffering because they weren’t getting the best of me. The best was always at work as I was up first thing in the morning and had to deliver on air.

Is there anything better than rolling down a hill with a full stomach?! #boys #family #feelsick

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“But at home I was tired or grumpy or asleep. That’s no fun for anybody, certainly not them as they were always picking up the pieces.”

Luckily, (or not) Piers Morgan took over from Ben’s full-time duties on Good Morning Britain.

We’re sure Susanna would rather have Ben back!

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