Ben Shephard gets public ticking off from GMB boss over today’s appearance

To beard? Or not to beard? There was no question for his employer...

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The usually clean-shaven co-presenter of Good Morning Britain, Ben Shephard, was sporting a rather rugged look on today’s show which divided the nation’s viewers and upset the GMB bosses.

Ben hadn’t shaved and wanted to see what the viewers thought about his stubble.

Ben proudly shows off his fac (Credit: Twitter @benshephard)

It seemed to divide the viewers as a poll on Twitter caused an almost 50/50 split.

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However there was a majority, as 55% of people in the poll said “I prefer him clean shaven”, while 45% said “Bring back the beard!”

Ben who was standing in for the regular presenter Piers Morgan, tweeted: “Morning all – so #hotfuzz or #bumfluff should I keep the beard? (Or excuse for a beard!).”

Viewers had strong opinions about the new look. One said: “No get rid. It will only get worse” while another said: “#hotfuzz for sure. Ben looking so Hot this morning.”

Ben is known for his clean-shaven look (Credit: ITV)

But the boss of the ITV show wasn’t impressed and he tweeted his dismay for everyone to see.

Earlier today he tweeted: “Beardgate Ben – as your school reports probably said ‘definitely needs some work!’ Can make-up ‘tidy’ it up a bit?”

Maybe a bit harsh on poor old Ben?

Last week Ben got the female viewers a bit hot and bothered by taking off his tie, after a new House of Commons dress code was brought in.

The show posed the question: does this mean that Ben doesn’t have to wear a tie either?

Ben flashed a bit of chest last week (Credit: Twitter @GMB)

Ben is known to have a hoard of female fans and many of them tweeted of their delight at seeing Ben stripping down.

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One even said: “Why stop at the tie?”

Wow, is it just us or is it getting hot in here?

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