Been wondering where you’ve seen the Redwater sisters before…?

Ponder no more...

Have you been scratching your heads ever since EastEnders spin-off Redwater began?

No, not trying to work out what’s going to happen – or why the priest was exposed as a killer so early on.

We’re talking about sisters Eileen and Roisin.

There’s something very familiar about them… in fact, seeing them together feels very familiar, too.

Well, there’s a very good reason for that – actresses Angeline Ball and Maria Doyle Kennedy previously worked together on a little project.

When we say ‘little’, we ‘re talking a low-budget Irish film that took the world by storm back in 1991.

The Commitments.

Relations between the siblings are strained in Redwater to say the least.

Roisin does not take well to the news that prodigal daughter Eileen wishes to return home to the farm after so many years in America.

Angeline says of her character: “Eileen’s a fighter and a survivor. She made a difficult decision 20 years ago to leave Redwater and go to America to build  new life with a young son, which was very brave. Yet she is also quite fragile.

Roisin and Eileen with their mammy Agnes (Credit: BBC)

“There’s an underlying sadness about her. She feels like a bit of an outsider, having left all those years ago.”

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