BBC writer slates EastEnders’ “worst story in the history of stories”

Russell T Davies can't stand Max's latest plot

Social media is full of people who like, love, loathe, or just don’t get what’s going on in the wonderful world of soaps.

But when one of the people having a go is the former boss of one of the BBC’s biggest hits of recent years, then people start to take notice.

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Russell T Davies was the boss of Doctor Who when the iconic sci- fi show made its return to TV in 2005, starring David Tennant as the planet- hopping Timelord.

The series became the biggest show on TV before Russell left in 2009, going on to create Channel 4’s Cucumber and Banana shows about Manchester’s gay scene and an updated take on A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the BBC last year.

Russell has attracted the likes of Matt Smith, Billie Piper and Matt Lucas to his writing, so it’s fair to say that he knows a thing or two when it comes to storylines.

Last night, Russell was watching Eastenders like the rest of us, but when things came to a boardroom showdown between Max Branning and James Willmott- Brown, he couldn’t keep his dislike of the action inside any longer.

Russell took to Instagram, where he shared an image of the scene he was watching, along with a damning verdict of the whole storyline.

Russell commented: “This is the worst story in the history of stories.”

Ouch! Max, played by Jake Wood, had just found the courage to finally stand up to his dodgy boss, not wanting to involve Carmel Kazemi in James’s dastardly schemes any longer.

His belated bravery also led to some very steamy scenes indeed as, impressed by Max’s ability to stand up to her dad, Fi, played by Lisa Faulkner, turned up at Carmel’s house and dragged Max onto the kitchen table, surprising viewers.

We didn’t get to hear what Russell thought of that scene, but we’re guessing that, as the writer of Queer as Folk, he won’t have been too shocked!

Still, their rekindled romance didn’t last for too long as Fi had only arrived at Carmel’s to steal a memory stick containing sealed bids that are all- important to her dad’s sneaky scheme.

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James warned Max off Fi later on, saying: “We may be partners, Max, but my daughter is not part of the package.”

Fi shocked Max by dismissing him as ‘just a fling’ before handing over the memory stick to her dad.

Fi later told Max that she was still on his side and they had to ‘play the long game’ with her dad, but Max decided enough was enough and told her it was over between them.

Whether you agree with Russell or not, keep an eye on Max as he’s headed in a dangerous direction!