BBC weather woman red-faced after making basic error on this morning’s show

Whops! It's easy to make mistakes at that time of the day!

So, so awkward. It’s bad enough forgetting someone’s name in the office or at a party but on live TV? Oh dear, oh dear.

Poor BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood stumbled her way out of her broadcast this morning, clearly suffering a severe case of ‘brain fog’.

Carol, 55, usually breezes through her reports on the breakfast show but this time she forgot – well stumbled over – veteran anchor, Louise Minchin’s name.

Carol Kirkwood was doing the weather this morning, when she stumbled over presenter Louise Minchin’s name (Credit: BBC)

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It might have been more understandable if a new bottom was sitting on the famous sofa but Louise and Carol have been working together for years.

Known for her smiley persona even during the gloomiest weather, Carol was doing her best to try and stop a prediction of worsening weather from putting a dampener on the mood.

She said: “If you like it hot, today’s the last day that we’re likely to see that in a wee while in the south anyway.”

But then she faltered and froze for a second. That’s not long in real life but on live television it feels like an hour.

“Dan and… Louise,” Carol said hesitantly, looking puzzled and apologetic all at the same time.

Carol said she had a lot of things to remember which is why she made her faux pas (credit: BBC)

Dan Walker was quick to pick up and could have left the gaffe unmentioned but he couldn’t resist.

“Some like it hot, Carol. Thank you,” he said, before adding “I’m just glossing over that.”

Dan Walker couldn’t help but pull Carol up on her mistake (Credit: BBC)

He can hardly talk, after his own gaffe in February this year, where he got a reporter’s name completely wrong.

He was supposed to introduce Tim Muffett who was broadcasting live from another location.

Unfortunately, Dan got his eyes crossed reading the autocue and said: “Now, Breakfast’s Tim Muppet…”. Louise laughed at him so maybe that’s why Dan stuck the knife in this time.

Louise, 48, didn’t let Carol’s slip-up get to her. She smiled and said: “I was just commenting on how brilliant she is with words, how she never forgets anything, then she forgets my name!”

Louise had just been saying how Carol doesn’t tend to forget things (Credit: BBC)

“There’s so much to remember,” a blushing Carol told the camera, clearly wanting to run away and hide until her next report.

Dan added to her shame: “I’m going to quote what Louise and Steph said, ‘She’s so brilliant, Carol isn’t she?’ And, Louise went, ‘Do you know what, she never makes a mistake’.”

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Carol replied teasingly: “Sorry Louise, how can I forget your name? Dan is easily forgettable, but you?”

“There’s no need to dig yourself out of a hole by slinging mud. Go away,” Dan retorted. Serves you right, Dan, for being so cheeky.

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