BBC N-word

BBC slammed for using the N-word during report about racist attack on nurse

During a morning report

BBC viewers have slammed the broadcaster after a reporter used the N-word during a report about a racist incident.

Fiona Lamdin used the word on Wednesday (July 29) morning, during a BBC News segment about racist abuse in Bristol.

BBC N-word
BBC News reporter Fiona Lamdin used the N-word during a report on racism (Credit: BBC)

What happened with the BBC report containing the N-word?

Shown on air just after 10.30am, the segment saw Fiona discuss an incident in which two men drove a car into a black NHS worker, before running off and hurling vile language at the victim.

The BBC reporter issued a warning to viewers before the word was used.

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She said on the programme: “Just to warn you, you are about to hear highly offensive language.

“Because as the man ran away they hurled racial abuse, calling him a [bleep].”

It sparked a huge backlash on social media.

One viewer said: “Doesn’t matter which way you cut it, Fiona Lamdin should not have said the N-word on TV. What was she thinking? There was no need for her to say it, bleeped or not, whether at 10.30am or any time. Lamdin and her editors – up to senior BBC News management – must take responsibility.”

How was that a necessary part of the segment?

Another said: “Erm what the [bleep] was BBC thinking? Why would they think using the N-word was OK? How was that a necessary part of the segment? I am 100 per cent sure they would not have said [bleep], if that’s what the story was about.”


A third tweeted: “The fact we’ve all said ‘the N-word’ and everyone automatically knows what we mean, means there was absolutely no reason for the BBC to say it.

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“Refuse to show Wiley’s Twitter, but can air unjustified racist language that will inevitably make it easier for others to use. Sure.”

Someone else put: “How on earth does the BBC think that it’s acceptable to broadcast a journalist saying the N-word? Incredible that they thought about it enough to give a warning, rather than decide not to say it.”

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