BBC presenter goes into labour live on TV while reading the news

Her co-star became her birthing partner!

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A BBC presenter was reading the news on live TV when her waters broke.


Victoria Fritz, who reads the business segment on BBC Breakfast was discussing easyJet’s statistics on the show, when she went into labour.

Her husband Dan was stuck in traffic on the motorway, so co-broadcaster Sally Nugent had to step up and be her birthing partner.

Vic gave birth to a baby boy, who is yet to be named.

A HUGE congratulations!

She revealed the exciting news on social media, by writing: “My heartfelt thanks to @sallynugent & St Mary’s drs&midwives who helped me deliver my little boy yesterday. A @BBCBreakfast team effort! 👶”.

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Her co-host replied: “It’s going to make a brilliant story for his 21st birthday ! What an incredible day xx”.

Due to Victoria still being in the hospital, Sean Farrington took her place reading the business news.

Naga Munchetty explained: “Victoria decided to be even more productive that she is in the workplace.

“There she was, you know, just presenting very happily, not an issue in the world.

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“And then she decided to have a bit of an event later on.”

Co-presenter Dan Walker added: “Sally was reading our sport yesterday.

“Because Victoria’s partner was stuck on the M6, Sally was the birthing partner.”

He also tweeted: “If you’re wondering why @seanfarrington is a late sub today… huge CONGRATULATIONS to @VFritzNews ItsABoy.”

The presenters finished up by discussing possible baby names.

They suggested easyJet!

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