BBC news anchor makes offensive blunder after London terror attack

Presenter makes inappropriate gesture during report

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A BBC News presenter has been caught making a clumsy mistake live on TV during sensitive coverage of the Westminster terror attacks in London.

The news of the attack had just broken, when the co-anchors announced they’d be going to an eyewitness account.

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But someone in the gallery must have been in a muddle because the wrong clip played out.

It’s led some to question how well the BBC crew were coping with an important breaking story.

That’s when the presenter made the unfortunate gesture, swiping her fingers in front of her throat.

It’s a common signal to producers that a clip in the broadcast should be cut, but the timing isn’t great when you’re talking about a terrorist who’s launched a deadly knife attack – because it’s also a gesture used to signify killing.

Seconds later she must have realised her blunder had been aired to the audience because she appeared to mouth “I’m sorry” at the cameras.

But the Twittersphere was, as always, unsympathetic.

Cal wrote: “BBC News in absolute chaos over Westminster and Parliament attacks. #PrayForLondon.”

Matt Newman added: “BBC News fail #westminster.”

But Tom Gibbons put: “I don’t think people really care about this at this moment in time!”

And Patrick The Murph was understanding: “This is so unfair. The wrong TV was on which she was trying to get taken off and didn’t know she was on screen.”

It’s reported five people including a policeman have lost their lives and many others are fighting to survive after the attack.

A terrorist smashed a 4X4 vehicle into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge beneath Big Ben.

He then launched a knife attack, killing one policeman.

At least 20 people were injured, including three other police officers. The attacker was finally shot by police, ending the horrifying attack.

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Back in 2014, fellow news presenter Clive Myrie was caught making the same gaffe in a live news bulletin.

Amazingly, he used the throat slitting gesture during a report on a story about beheadings.