BBC in talks with original hosts of The Really Wild Show to bring it back

It's been wildly missed...

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BBC bosses are discussing the possibility of bringing back The Really Wild Show with two of its original presenters.

The famous original hosts Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan have been in talks that could see the much-loved children’s show brought back to the small screen.

Chris and Michaela are now famous for presenting Springwatch (Credit: Twitter @michaelastracha)

The Really Wild Show is remembered fondly among adults who loved watching the hosts interact with wildlife and animals.

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The show was axed 11 years ago after running for 20 years.

One of the original hosts Terry Nutkins died in 2012, aged 66, but Chris and Michaela want to carry on the legacy of the show.

If brought back to TV a whole new generation of young viewers will get the chance to learn more about wildlife and enjoy the BAFTA award winning show for themselves.

The iconic show ran for two decades before it was axed (Credit: BBC)

Chris and Michaela are now known for presenting Springwatch on BBC.

Chris told The Sun: “There have been a few chats about bringing The Really Wild Show back. There is a certain amount of nostalgia for it.

“Obviously, our co-host Terry Nutkins died a couple of years ago so it would be down to Michaela and I. But there’s a huge adult population that remember the show with enormous fondness. Virtually every time I go out someone talks about it.

The Springwatch presenters got their big break presenting The Really Wild Show (Credit: Twitter @michaelastracha)

“They say, ‘Oh, we watched you on The Really Wild Show and now we watch you and Michaela on Springwatch with our kids’, and it’s sort of fulfilling a circle for them.

“We hopefully inspired them when they were kids and now we’re helping to inspire their own kids.

“So, yeah, we have been thinking about bringing The Really Wild Show back, which could be quite good fun.”

We’ve got our fingers, toes and everything crossed that the show returns to our screens soon!