naga munchetty bbc breakfast blunder

BBC Breakfast: Naga Munchetty falls victim to latest awkward blunder on daytime show


Naga Munchetty struggled to hold back her giggles on Saturday’s episode of BBC Breakfast.

The BBC star, 46, was talking to a British bar owner in Malaga, Spain, when her iPad lost connection.

Naga was chatting to Sue Aspey, who owns Wigan Bar in Malaga, when the blunder occurred.

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They were discussing the extreme difficulties many hospitality businesses currently face across Europe.

Sue explained how the bar was taking COVID-19 precautions as they prepare for tourists.

naga munchetty and sue aspey
Naga Munchetty spoke to the bar owner (Credit: BBC)

What happened with Naga Muchetty on BBC Breakfast?

Naga asked: “Is the physical layout of your bar changing as well? In terms of social distancing? In terms of booths? Plastic screenings?”

Sue looked like she was about to reply when the screen went blurry – and then faded to black.

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Suddenly, viewers were met with a black screen that simply read ‘Sue’s iPad.’

And Sue could be heard in the background saying: “Ugh. Oh dear!”

A smiling Naga responded: “OK. We lost Sue there. As we saw…”

She then stifled giggles and said to her co-host Charlie Stayt: “That tickled you, didn’t it?”

naga and sue bbc breakfast
‘Oh dear!’ Sue suffered a technical blunder (Credit: BBC)

How did Charlie Stayt react?

Charlie seemed just as amused, agreeing: “I liked the commentary ‘oh dear’. Did I hear that right? Is it coming back up?”

Naga asked: “Is she back? Oh hey Sue you’re back!”

And chuckling, Sue returned to the screen saying: “The wind blew and the iPad fell over!”

Relieved, Naga said, “There you go, there you go” and they continued their interview.

The Wigan Bar La Isla currently has hundreds of five star reviews online.

However, some BBC Breakfast reviewers remained unconvinced.

Charlie Stayt
Charlie Stayt found the incident particularly amusing (Credit: BBC)

One viewer questioned via Twitter: “Why would you specifically go to Malaga to eat in a British restaurant… #bbcbreakfast.”

And another user tweeted: “Who on earth thinks ‘yeah, Malaga… I really must go to The Wigan Bar’ #BBC Breakfast.”

A third user shared: “Sue at Wigan bar ‘believes’ everyone in Malaga is safe [from the virus]. Has she informed the virus? #bbcbreakfast.”

Meanwhile, Sue stressed the lack of business at her restaurant since the pandemic.

She explained: “At the moment it’s very, very quiet and has been for a while. You know, the restaurants – a lot have had to close.

“For the ones that are staying open such as myself, it is quiet. We are desperate for people to come over and enjoy a holiday.

“The beaches are ready, the sunbeds are out, the weather’s lovely. We’re just hoping that people are allowed to come.”

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