Ayda Field reunited her with mum

Ayda Field leaves fans in tears as she reunites with cancer-stricken mother Gwen

Robbie Williams' wife has spent very little time with Gwen since lockdown began

Former X Factor judge Ayda Field has brought many of her fans to tears.

The mum-of-four, 41, shared a heartfelt reunion video with her mother, Gwen, 70.

Taking to social media, Ayda explained how she has barely spent any time with her cancer-stricken mother for almost five months.

Sharing with her 606,000 Instagram followers, she appeared overjoyed to spend time with her mum.

Her caption for the sweet video includes: “Very treasured moments mommy #motherdaughterlove AW xx.”

ayda field instagram
Ayda Field filmed her mother Gwen for her Instagram video (Credit: Instagram @aydafieldwilliams)

Ayda Field excited to see her mum Gwen

During the video she says: “Hi Mommy, I’m very excited to see you today.

“I was just saying to myself and to you that I miss seeing your face.

“I love you so much mummy.

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“And this is the first time you and I have been sat alone in about five months.

“And I just want to say how much I love you… and how proud I am of you.

“For fighting so hard against this [bleep] cancer.

robbie williams ayda field
Robbie Williams and Ayda Field are spending lockdown in Los Angeles (Credit: SplashNews.com)

“I am so in awe of you…I just love you so much.”

Gwen reassured her: “I love you too. I am on the home stretch – and it is all going to be fine. All will be well.”

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Fans rushed to share how emotional they found the touching video.

Fans tell Ayda Field she has made them cry!

One user commented: “I’m crying. I didn’t even have to see you to hear the absolute love you have for your Mum. Two strong, determined women sat across from each other. I’m praying for you all at this difficult time.”

Another user posted: “This brought tears to my eyes, such a lovely moment. Get well soon Gwen.”

Robbie recently announced his father has Parkinson’s disease (Credit: SplashNews.com)

A third user commented: “Keep fighting nana Gwen – you got this btw you look bloody awesome xx.”

And a fourth user wrote: “Omg this just made me cry!! @aydafieldwilliams you’re the sweetest soul, I love you and @go2gwen so much!”

“This just made me cry!”

Ayda revealed back in May that her mother is battling stage two cervical cancer.

Speaking on her At Home with the Williams Podcast, along with hubby Robbie Williams, she detailed her mother’s health diagnosis.

She also shared her fears that Gwen could contract coronavirus while in hospital.

She said: “My mum in January was diagnosed with stage two cervical cancer and it had spread outside the cervix and was a very aggressive tumour.

“So alongside her Parkinson’s and her Lupus was this cancer battle and because the cancer was so big they decided that she needed to immediately go into chemo and radiation daily and have surgery.

“When the pandemic hit it was very scary because my mum with Lupus and Parkinson’s and cancer, at 70 years old is prime for some bad things happening so she was going to the hospital every day for these treatments and I just remember every day thinking ‘Is she going to pick something up? Is this where it all ends?'”

A very difficult time for the Williams’ household, Robbie also announced earlier this year that his father Peter, 70, also has Parkinson’s disease.

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