Aww! Peter Andre’s two-year-old has chosen name for new baby

Dad-of-four revealed his favourites last week

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Naming a baby is one of the most important decisions you could make in your life as you could bestow a lifetime of shame on your newborn offspring.

When you are Peter Andre, there is an even bigger responsibility as you know that millions of people out there are going to share their views on your decision.

So he is understandably taking his time choosing a name for his new son.

His daughter Amelia, two, appears to have grown impatient, however, and has offered her own suggestion that will mean her brother will stand out for certain.

Fans of the singer have been enjoying regular updates on the naming process by Peter via his Twitter account.

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When asked if a decision had been made, Peter responded by informing his followers of the choice that Amelia had plumped for.

Writing on Twitter, Peter revealed: “Well you asked me what name mills had chosen for the baby and I said weetabix.

“J called our pug porridge so it’s no surprise.”

Well, this was enough to confuse fans and there was widespread hope that this was just a little joke from Peter and that he and wife Emily hadn’t named their child after the popular cereal.

The name has been a little bone of contention in the household, with Emily not too keen on some of Peter’s choices.

He had been veering towards Oscar or Arthur but after being asked by fans online, there seems to be more names in the mix.

Peter replied to a fan on Twitter: “Loving so many names James Theo (Theodore) Benjamin. All the other ones I loved the kids don’t like haha.”

Another fan then asked: “How’s the naming situation going @MrPeterAndre?! Any nearer yet? X”

He replied: “Haha what about the president Theodore Roosevelt.”

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Another fan asked if he was in a good mood and inquired about ‘no name’.

Peter joked in reply: “No names buzzin.”

He did reveal that there was one that kept recurring in his mind: “Love oscar.”

For now though, Peter’s son will continue to be the boy with no name. Perhaps Weetabix just behind closed doors.

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