Awkward! Vicky Pattison suffers embarrassing clothing malfunction on live TV

She's usually more covered up these days

She’s no stranger to a wardrobe malfunction, thanks to years of wild nights on Geordie Shore.

However, former Queen of the Jungle Vicky Pattison is shooting for a more reserved look these days, so nearly baring all on Sunday Brunch is unlikely to be part of her plans.

Vicky and Vicki became comically entangled on the popular cooking show. Credit: Channel 4

Vicky has come a long way since her drunken antics on the hit MTV show, appearing on the show to promote her new fiction book entitled My Sister’s Wedding, which she wrote with assistance from a ghost writer.

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All was going well as she headed to the kitchen area to taste fellow guest Vicki Pepperdine’s potted salmon dish, until her microphone became entangled in a fellow guest’s cardigan.

Trying to laugh off the embarrassing incident, the reality star struggled to get free as Sunday Brunch host Simon Rimmer resorted to holding up a large white napkin to keep her modesty protected from the cameras.

However, the presenter recovered from the wardrobe mishap like a true professional, going on to enthuse about working with her ghost writer and editor to produce the novel.

The reality star also appeared on Lorraine last week as her promotional tour continued, this time taking a break from discussing the book to gush about her beau, John Noble.

The quick-thinking hosts protected Vicky’s modesty with a napkin. Credit: Channel 4

Chatting to the host, she said: “He’s lovely. I struggled with my personal life and finding someone who was supportive of my career and successful in their own right as well.

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“Finally I have that with John. He’s lovely and caring and strong. I’ve finally got a man not a fan.”

She also seemed to suggest a supernatural ability, with life imitating art when it comes to the book’s title.

“I’m kicking myself because my sister wasn’t even with a guy last year when I started writing,” she told Lorraine.

Vicky gushed to Lorraine Kelly about her gorgeous man John Noble (Credit: Instagram)

“By publication she’d got a guy and he’d asked her to marry him. Why I didn’t write about my own wedding, I’ll never know!”

Perhaps a new hit MTV show, Clairvoyant Geordie, is on the cards?