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Awkward! BBC Breakfast presenters clash live on air

Must be all those early mornings...

Everyone feels a bit cranky when they have to get up early, but most people are able to snap out of it by the time they get to work.

This morning, however, BBC Breakfast hosts Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty had clearly got out of the wrong side of their respective beds, and clashed over a couple of the show’s segments.

Tensions rose as the two presenters discussed the polymer £10 notes that entered circulation this week.

The new currency is said to be uncreasable, but as the segment finished, Naga, 42, made a barbed comment about something her colleague had done earlier.

There was a tense atmosphere in the studio as the presenters disagreed (Credit: BBC)

“[They’re] also supposed to be crease-free – unless your name is Charlie Stayt,” she spat.

Charlie, 55, was clearly riled by the comment, retorting: “Well, the reason we did that earlier on, we brought one in and, just to check, we gave it a little bit of a scrunch – it was fine.”

But Naga didn’t seem to agree with her workmate’s care-free attitude, adding: “We were given those in good faith and you’ve crinkled them.”

And the frosty atmosphere in the studio continued into the next segment, a quirky story about a dog in St John’s, Newfoundland, that’s running for mayor.

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Following a short VT, Charlie explained why the pooch was being put forward for the role, but Naga looked distinctly unimpressed.

She scolded: “We’ve had discussions about whether or not we needed to tell that story. Producer liked it, the producer says yes – it goes.”

The outburst prompted an uncomfortable-looking Charlie to sigh: “Ah, you know.”

Naga clearly disapproved of the dog segment (Credit: BBC)

And viewers clearly felt that Naga was being harsh on her co-presenter, as they took to Twitter to defend him.

One commented: “Very frosty and needlessly rude attitude from Naga towards poor Charlie Stayt on @BBCBreakfast today. He said nowt wrong. Grow up, Naga!”

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Another scathed: “Naga is a little tyrant. Really went for Charlie #handful.”

And a third fan added: “Naga being very rude to Charlie… she’s so annoying!”

Hopefully they’ll have a better night’s sleep tonight and it’ll all be forgotten in the morning…

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