Awkward! Kate Garraway mistakes a throwback pic of Susanna Reid for Ben Shephard

She looked a lot different back then

Good Morning Britain suffered one of those awkward moments when a picture of a young Susanna Reid was mistaken for Ben Shephard.

And the culprit of the blunder was none other than Kate Garraway, the co-host of the show!

The presenters were showing some throwback pictures (as it’s Throwback Thursday), and Kate didn’t recognise 90’s Susanna.

Susanna looks very different in this 90’s photo (Credit: ITV)

To be fair, she does look pretty different to the pristine and glamorous image she is today.

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In the throwback picture her hair is quaffed out and she appears to have no makeup on, just lounging at home.

But Kate Garraway couldn’t believe her eyes and was so sure that it was in fact a picture of a young Ben Shephard.

The picture had already been shown earlier on but because Kate thought it was Ben she later said: “I want to see Susanna in the 90s, have we genuinely not got that?”

Ben’s reaction says it all (Credit: ITV)

When Ben said they had shown it already, Kate said: “I thought that was you with the fluffy hair. I thought it was Ben!

“I thought it was Ben going through a Smiths phase.”

Cue awkwardness from Ben and Richard Arnold.

Susanna thought it was hilarious and clapped her hands at Kate’s revelation!

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The picture was shown again and Ben joked: “That’s me, in my university digs.”

No one could mistake Kate’s throwback picture (Credit: ITV)

Kate’s throwback picture couldn’t be mistaken, as the only thing that’s really changed is her hair colour.

We love a good throwback pic, don’t you?