Awkward! Holly doesn’t look impressed as Nadia addresses her shrinking frame

Oh dear, Nadia went there!

You can imagine how irritated Holly Willoughby must be right now.

All she has to do is stand next to Phil and have folks kicking off on one about her ongoing weight loss.

Bless her.

Poor Holly body  (Credit: Instagram)

If she was one of those shameless celebs who was shedding the pounds for dosh (only to put the weight back on again in about six  months once the weight loss deal is done) we’d expect her to be lapping up the compliments.

But because she has gone on record before to say she doesn’t like talking about weight because she is worried that her pictures could be used on ‘thinspiration’ sites,  we should give her a break.

Holly has been flaunting her weight loss on social media for weeks (well, she’s just been taking pics of her outfits) (credit: Instagram)

But on today’s This Morning, poor old Willoughby had to deal with one of the Loose Women commenting on her shrinking frame.

When she and Phil linked to the Loose Women studio to see what was coming up on their show, giggling Nadia Sawalha gasped, “Holly Willoughby’s disappearing!”

While some have reported she looked unimpressed, she did not exactly look like she was going to smack Nads in the gob, but it was clear that the compliment didn’t fill her with joy and she merely remained stony faced.

Holly W has been getting smaller with every week but she doesn’t like to talk about it (Credit: ITV)

Phillip, on the other hand, pulled a face of surprise.

Whether she likes it or not, though, Holly’s weight loss has been the talk of many for the past few weeks.

Last week, for example, after she posted a pic of herself in shorts, fans were writing messages on her social media about her leanness.

“Looking so slender!” read one comment, while someone else thought it might be acceptable to actually ask “#WhereHaveHollysBoobsGone.”

Another moaned that “Holly has loss too much weight. She looked much prettier before,” while another commented: “Holly has lost too much weight although she still looks lovely!”

Every time Holly posts a clothes pic fans comment her on her weight (credit:Instagram)

But not all of her fans were disappointed that she was losing her curves.

One said: “What is the problem with Holly weight all the comments are not necessary if she wants to look that way it’s totally her business not ours you maybe being kind but the comment is none of our business.”

While another urged people to “stop criticising hollys weight loss”, adding, “If she’d put on weight then that would be wrong too I guess just leave her be instead of body shaming her. Those that have made negative comments ought to be ashamed of themselves!” [sic]

Some people approve of Holly’s weight loss, while some are not happy about it (Credit: ITV )

Holly has said in the past that she doesn’t want “to focus too much on my appearance” and that “as long as I’m being healthy, that’s good enough for me. I’m quite active and I try not to let the way I look be the main focus because it’s not the important thing.”

Although she is keeping schtum, it’s believed that weekly Pilates classes at home are responsible for her stunning new look.