Awks! Pete Wicks’ sext text ex to join TOWIE

Because it ain't explosive enough...

Holy moly!

When you think that TOWIE is already explosive enough, they go and add more fuel to the fire. Poor Megan McKenna…

Pete Wicks’ ex – AKA that woman who he was sexting when he was on holiday with Megan – might be joining the Essex clan.

Jacqui Ryland, would cause one hell of a problem with Meg, and producers would probably be stupid to let such a great cast-member go to waste.

The model has also given everybody a sneaky peak of her 2017 calendar…

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Last month it was revealed that love rat Pete had been sending her naughty messaged to the mum-of-three while he was on a romantic holiday with Megan, 24.

Megan told The Sun that she felt “publicly humiliated” and said that it wasn’t just her he was contacting, it was TEN!

Can you imagine Megan’s fury if Jacqui was to join the ITVBe show?

A source told The Sun Online: “ITV bosses are keen to get Jacqui on the show after the sexting drama proved a hit with viewers and saw its highest rated episode for over three series.”

They added: “Bosses are keen to tap into the continued interest in the storyline, its real raw emotion and lives involved that has had viewers on the edges of their seats and TOWIE fans want more.”

Pete secretly met up with Jacqui at service stations and at his place back at the beginning of the year and text her saying his holiday was “boring” with Megan. Ugh, what a classy guy!

On last week’s episode, Megan’s mum tore into Pete and slammed him for what he did to her daughter.

She said: “At the end of the day we’re gutted Pete, we thought you was the one.

“To talk about Megan the way you did: boring, doesn’t go out for a drink – at the end of the day you base relationships on trust and honesty.

“You should’ve just come clean, you should’ve just told her the whole thing.

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“She trusted you, she gave her heart to you and you just f*****g trampled all over.

“Honestly, if it was me I wouldn’t take you back.”

You tell him Mama McKenna!

Watch this space people…

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