Awks! Mark Wright beats wife Michelle Keegan to Hollywood success

Actress has made no secret of her desire to crack America

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She’s a critically acclaimed and award-winning actress in the UK, but Michelle Keegan has aspirations to make it in America.

With talents and looks like that, why limit yourself, right?

Just last month she revealed she was hitting up Hollywood to see what was on offer.

The gorgeous star told fans she was headed to LA for meetings: “I will be doing a really cool photo shoot and having a couple of meetings.

“Can’t say any more than that I’m afraid!”

However, it seems hubby Mark Wright – whose career has so far lived in the shadows of the Our Girl fave’s – has got his break in La-La-Land before his wife.

The TV presenter – who rose to fame via reality TV show TOWIE, of course – has landed a role on a big US TV drama.

The 29-year-old plays a talk show host on E!’s hit show The Royals.

In his opening scene, Mark stands in a studio and introduces his guests to his audience: “You know them, you love them and you send them your taxes…

“Please welcome HRH’s Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor.”

The royal guests in question are part of the family depicted in the mega-bucks series, which stars Elizabeth Hurley.

And, you know what, his acting isn’t half bad!

Viewers certainly weren’t throwing cushions at their screens.

One tweeted: “From Towie to this, wow! Well done Mark!”

Another said: “Mark Wright should have his own chat show for real.”

Hmmm, baby steps…

Michelle’s break stateside can surely only be a matter of time.

She won heaps of praise for her portrayal of medic Lance Corporal Georgie Lane in Our Girl earlier this year.

And her colleague Paul Pieterse said US success beckoned, explaining: “Michelle for Hollywood, absolutely. No doubt she can make it there, the right part and she’s away.

“I am working with top Hollywood stars and Michelle’s of that calibre. I know good when I see it.”

Just so long as the couple don’t abandon Blighty full-time.