Atomic Kitten star reportedly fighting ex-husband’s claims to fortune

Friends rally round for support

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Kerry Katona is allegedly locked in a ­legal battle with her ex who is reportedly demanding £20,000 a month as a divorce settlement.

After trying to get over the heartache of being a single mother once more, Kerry Katona is rumoured to be dealing with fresh heartache after new money demands from former husband George Kaye.

The couple in happier times (Credit: Instagram)

According to the 37 year old, who shares daughter Dylan-Jorge with the singer, is asking for £20,000 a month for the next four years.

Unfortunately for him, he’s unlikely to see such sums due to Kerry still being under a bankruptcy order.

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Kerry Katona (Credit: Instagram)
Kerry has just finished panto (Credit: Instagram)

Kerry, 37, has just finished her panto run in Manchester as evil Carabosse in Sleeping Beauty and has returned home to her children.

But her friends reckon the Atomic Kitten star has been left shocked by George’s demands.

One is reported to have said: “He is living on another planet if there is any way he thinks she could afford this.

“When they were together Kerry was the breadwinner and paid for everything for him.

“For him to turn around now and demand this is utterly ludicrous. How could anybody expect to find an amount of money like this?”

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Annoyingly for Kerry she will be forced to hire lawyers, which will leave a huge legal bill, something the mum of five could do without.

The couple met in 2013 but had ended things 13 months after tying the knot.

Amid allegations on both sides, Kerry and George had seemed to be trying for a reconciliation.

But they ended their marriage completely in June this year.

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