At last – Coronation Street’s Nathan is arrested

Will a stint in the cells be enough to get him away from Bethany?

Evil Nathan Curtis has been grooming Bethany Platt for months, but it looks like his reign of terror is set to come to a dramatic end.

Scenes of Nathan being arrested have been shot recently, so is this finally the moment Bethany finds herself a free woman?

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It’s been a hard watch in recent weeks as Bethany falls deeper under Nathan’s spell.

She thinks she’s being very grown up, living with her older boyfriend and experiencing all an adult relationship has to offer.

Unfortunately, Nathan, and his assistant Mel, have managed to convince her that that includes sleeping with other men at Nathan’s whim.

So far, Bethany has been forced into sleeping with sleazy Neil, and Nathan is planning another set up for her and his friend Ian.

But Bethany’s so horrified at the prospect, Nathan has to ply her with booze to calm her down. And while he goes to collect Ian, Sarah Platt, Bethany’s mum, turns up and wants to know exactly what’s going on with her daughter.

Finding her dressed provocatively, Sarah’s stunned when Bethany then collapses, and along with Gary Windass’s help, drags Bethany home where she locks her in.

When Bethany wakes up and discovers she’s a prisoner, she goes mad. She starts smashing things up and demands to be let out. It’s clear just how much of a hold Nathan has over her.

Somehow Bethany does manage to be reunited with Nathan, and the latest pictures of the two of them show them arguing at a food court in a shopping centre.

Nathan is very angry, looming over a terrified Bethany, and we all know he’s got a violent side – just ask Mel, whose fingers he slammed in the salon’s till when she’d disobeyed him.

But as he grabs Bethany, the police swoop in and pull him back. They cart him off after arresting him and it looks like Bethany is safe at last.

However, with the news that one of Bethany’s attackers, Neil, is actually a policeman, even if Bethany goes after them to give her story to the police, the chances are Nathan’s going to get off.

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With the storyline set to run throughout the summer and coming to its conclusion in the autumn, Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany, has admitted it’s set to get “loads worse” for Bethany as the plot continues.

Will this latest incident at least make Bethany see she needs to come up with a plan to get to safety?