Asda delivery crates found covered in MOULD and MAGGOTS

Containers were found as dirty as a "kitchen bin"

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Asda has been forced to apologise after an investigation uncovered delivery crates full of food that were covered in mould and maggots.


BBC One’s Watchdog carried out an investigation after several complaints from the public.

Tests of bacteria levels revealed that three boxes had “equivalent to dirt levels of a kitchen floor” and two were “extremely dirty, which equates to the dirt levels of a kitchen bin”.

The conditions are so bad that one worker told the programme he wore gloves when handling the products so that he didn’t catch anything from the dirt.

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A second anonymous employee sent pictures of mould and squashed fruit on crates used to deliver the food to nurseries and nursing homes.

One customer showed pictures of maggots she found in a cat food box.

SO disgusting.

As part of the investigation, Watchdog – which will be shown tonight at 8pm – sent an undercover reporter as a delivery driver for an Asda store.

Apart from a broken hose, there was no other cleaning process in place for the dirty delivery crates.

The supermarket branch has been forced to apologise, a spokesman said: “Our customers expect and deserve the highest standard of service.

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“We haven’t lived up to this but our customers can trust us to take complaints seriously and do the right thing to resolve them.

“Although some of our policies and procedures have not been followed in these six stores, we have taken immediate action to permanently improve standards across all our home shopping services.”

We hope so too!