Are Tom and Giovanna Fletcher expecting baby number three?

The rumour mill is spinning

Fans are speculating that Tom and Giovanna Fletcher are expecting a third child, after the blogger posted an adorable photo of Tom and their sons Buzz and Buddy in a cot together.

“Walked upstairs to this…” she captioned the Instagram snap.

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Walked upstairs to this… 🙌🏼❤xx

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“Is there going to be another baby on the way video?” replied a fan.

“Omg are you guys making another bump to… *insert third babys B name* video hehe [sic],” wrote another.”

Buzz is three-years old and Buddy is one, and Giovanna recently spoke her desire to have more children – but not just yet. “We’ve discussed having more kids but not in the near future,” she said.

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“I’m not thinking: ‘Let’s go for the girl,’ and we’re not set on a number. We’ll just do whatever we feel like.”

“I remember someone saying to me, ‘You think you love your child but wait until you have another. Seeing them together is just a whole other thing.’ She was right, it’s just amazing.”

She and Tom announced they were expecting their sons by releasing YouTube videos, which were watched by millions of fans.

“We love making the videos,” said Giovanna. “And I wouldn’t want our third child to feel left out so we’ll have to think of something decent.”

Giovanna, who is also and actress and author, met Tom when they were 13-year-old pupils at the Sylvia Young Theatre School. They married in 2012 and Giovanna suffered a miscarriage shortly after they wed.

“It was difficult to go through as I felt my body had let me down,” she wrote on her blog. “I felt like such a failure in my first brush with motherhood.

“I decided not to talk about it publicly at the time as it was something I needed to process on my own.

“In the last year I’ve seen more people online sharing their stories. They’ve helped me come to terms with the grief I felt – because although I went on to welcome my two boys, my first experience heavily dictated how I felt in their pregnancies and, for a long time, about my body.”

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She’s also spoken about the emotional struggles of having a child. Talking on the Lorraine show recently she opened up about being anxious when the health visitor and midwife visited in the early days.

“For me, I was like, “They’re going to come and they’re going to take away my child. And then you suddenly realise that they’re actually there for you.

“They’re not going to take your child away. They literally just want to know if you’re okay. They’ve got to keep checking, because otherwise you’re going to slip through the net.”

She added: “I think it’s really important we all start talking, talking to other people and realising we’re not alone. A problem shared is a problem halved and it makes us all feel a lot better.”