Are THIS couple returning to EastEnders?

They were a fan favourite

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EastEnders favourites Pam and Les Coker could be making a sensational return to the soap – if actor Roger Sloman gets his way.

Speaking to Inside Soap the actor revealed he’d love to return, if only for one particular scene…

Pam and Les, the local undertaker and florist, left the Square last year after their grandson Paul died in a homophobic attack.

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The grief put a massive strain on the couple’s marriage, but not as much as Pam’s discovery that her husband was a cross-dresser and his alter ego was called Christine.

At first Pam couldn’t deal with it and told Les the only way they could make their marriage work would be to give up Christine completely.

But following Paul’s death, she realised her husband needed Christine to survive and suggested she moved to Worthing with them.

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Very few of the other Walford residents ever met Christine, and Roger says he’d love to go back to make sure they got to know her.

“I’ve amused myself thinking about how the scene where Christine walks into The Vic would go,” he told the publication.

“It would be a cracker. I’m not sure it will ever happen, but I’d be interested to go back and find out.”

Wouldn’t it be brilliant to see him and Pam return and go out for a drink together with Les dressed as Christine?

Roger revealed the idea was a “distinct possibility” when the pair left for their new lives in Worthing.

Aw, we’d love to see them back, but it warms our hearts to think of them having a happy retirement by the sea!