Are EastEnders Jack and Honey going to start an affair?

He likes a Mitchell woman after all

On the face of it, it looks like EastEnders Jack Branning is still grieving hard for his late wife Ronnie Mitchell.

But is there a spark growing between him and Honey Mitchell and he doesn’t even realise it?

Jack has been struggling to cope in the wake of Ronnie’s passing on their wedding night. She was drowned by her wedding dress after diving into the hotel swimming pool to save sister, Roxy, who’d had a heart attack.

With three children to cope with, Jack’s tried to keep it together, with the support of his ever-so devoted brother Max.

Jack’s kids are a handful and he’s struggling (Credit: BBC)

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Except Max is playing him and has been plotting to ruin Jack’s life. He schemed to bring Charlie Cotton back to Walford and that resulted in Jack giving up Ronnie’s son, Matthew, to Charlie.

And left with just two kids – Amy, his daughter with Roxy, and Ricky, his son with Sam Mitchell – it should be easier for Jack to stay on top of things.

But he’s just not managing it. He can’t seem to dig himself out of his grief. In real terms, six months is nothing, in soap terms, six months is a very long time to be wallowing.

However, there has been one shining light in all the dark days. Honey Mitchell has gone above and beyond to help Jack whenever she can.

Honey’s always on hand to help out when Jack needs her (Credit: BBC)

Happily loved up with Billy Mitchell (supposedly), fans have been convinced for some time that Jack and Honey are going to have an affair and it’s a rumour that just won’t go away.

Honey’s been stepping in to help with the kids, to support Jack whenever he’s needed a friend, and even stood up to Charlie Cotton on his behalf.

In Tuesday night’s episode she heard he was planning on giving the kids fish fingers for tea when they had their heart set on lasagne. Hours later, kindly Honey arrived on the doorstep and presented Jack with a lasagne.

Honey made a lasagne for Jack (Credit: BBC)

She then offered to collect the youngsters from school while he had some time to himself, and even comforted him over their upset that he’d baked a chocolate cake without them.

It’s clear these two are growing closer, but is it just good friends – or is there more to it? Fans are absolutely convinced it’s not all innocent!

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Jack’s finally decided to seek help and find a nanny, but does that mean Honey will be left on the sidelines?

Is he trying to put some distance between them because he doesn’t want to confront his own feelings for her?

And will they ever act on their obvious feelings for each other?