Are CBB’s Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson getting married?

There could be wedding bells

Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson fell for each other after becoming friends on Celebrity Big Brother, and have remained boyfriend and girlfriend since leaving the house.

Chad is currently back home in the US, while Sarah is here, but according to someone close to the couple they are going to take their relationship to the next level.

Fellow CBB contestant, X Factor’s Amelia Lily, said they could get married “sooner than you think”.

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Amelia told The Sun: “The chemistry between them is immense.

“I think they will get married, they are so into each other. It could be sooner than you think.

“In the house they had such a connection so if they continue that on the outside I reckon they will definitely get married. I really hope so.”

Sarah was the winner of CBB 2017, and kept up her relationship with American lothario Chad as the two were seen together out and about.

Last week Sarah spoke about Chad on Loose Women and said she hoped to go to LA soon to be with him.

When asked how things are going with her boyfriend she replied: “OK, he’s gone back to LA now. I don’t know [when I’ll see him next]. I’ve got some work possibly lined up in LA in the next few weeks.

“I might be back over in a couple of weeks. Who knows? We’ve spent like a week together outside of the house, obviously we’ve got real lives to get on with.”

She revealed she was shocked to end up in a relationship because it’s not what she expected when going into the CBB house.

She said: “I wasn’t looking for anything when I was in there. I didn’t fancy any of the lads when I got in there at all. I didn’t look at any of them like that.

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“But with me and Chad I think we only had each other to lean on and from becoming really good friends it just grew into feelings when we both got nominated and we both got saved. I think that’s when it sort of fell into more feelings.”

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