Jeremy Kyle apologetic as he almost kisses Kate Garraway on GMB

A little too close for comfort!

Jeremy Kyle and Kate Garraway appear to enjoy having a good old flirt.

But things got a little too close for comfort today as they almost locked lips.

The close shave occurred while Jeremy, 52, and Kate, 50, were discussing people’s perceptions of them.

Jeremy told his co-host: “You said something really interesting this morning – that people think I’m rude and I’m not, and people think you’re really nice and you’re right grumpy.”

Kate froze as Jeremy’s face appeared right in front of her (Credit: ITV)

“That’s true actually,” replied Kate, before looking at the camera and saying: “He’s very polite in real life.”

At that point, inexplicably, Jeremy leaned in on an unsuspecting Kate, and when she turned her head she found her lips inches away from his.

The pair quickly returned to their original positions, and as Kate closed her eyes with embarrassment, Jeremy apologetically said: “We nearly kissed then. That was wrong, wasn’t it.”

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To be fair, it’s been coming for a while. On yesterday’s show, flirty Jeremy told his co-presenter that he loved her.

In a highly awkward exchange, Kate was explaining to the panel that it was her husband Derek Draper’s 50th birthday, and it was suggested to her that she could give her partner a signed photo of Jeremy Kyle.

Clearly excited by the idea, Kate said: “Do you know, that would go down a storm – can you do that? Just put: ‘To Kate, lots of love, Jeremy.'”

Kate appeared to find the incident funny (Credit: ITV)

But Jezza pretended to get the wrong end of the stick (at least we hope he was pretending), and said: “But it’s for his birthday.”

The conversation ended with Jeremy turning to the mother-of-two and saying: “I love you.”

And on Monday, Kate gave Jeremy what she described as a “love stroke” after the pair had said they “missed” each other following their weekend apart.

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In another embarrassing incident on today’s show, there was an almighty clatter as weatherman Alex Beresford prepared to give his forecast. It turned out that a camera had smashed off-screen.

Maybe the cameraman was as shocked by Jeremy and Kate’s latest exchange as we were.