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Antiques Roadshow: Vase’s real value leaves guest stunned

So much more than she expected

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Antiques Roadshow featured a guest who was stunned to hear her vase was worth much more than its £1 junk shop price.

During Sunday (August 16) evening’s repeat episode on BBC One, filmed at Wrest Park in Bedfordshire, a guest brought in a vase by potter William De Morgan.

antiques roadshow vase
The Antiques Roadshow guest couldn’t believe how much the vase was worth (Credit: BBC)

What happened with the vase on Antiques Roadshow?

She explained how it had been in the family for some time, since her grandfather purchased it at a junk shop in Shaftsbury.

And while it was picked up for just £1, antiques expert Judith Miller revealed its true value was much, much higher.

Introducing the segment, Judith said she was “incredibly excited” by the William De Morgan piece.

antiques roadshow vase
Expert Judith Miller said it was worth over £3,000 (Credit: BBC)

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When asked how it came into her possession, the guest said: “The story is, my grandfather was a ceramic potter and he was in Shaftesbury one day. He passed by a junk shop there.

“He went in and I guess he didn’t show great enthusiasm because the price was about £1, and he bought it.”

Judith replied: “I’m certainly not surprised, he obviously had an eye for it. You can see that wonderful Arts and Crafts look to it.”

She continued: “William De Morgan is one of the hot names in ceramic design. I would happily estimate this vase at quite a bit more than a pound… between £3,000 and £3,100.”

antiques roadshow vase
The guest said her grandfather bought it for just £1 (Credit: BBC)

‘It stays in the family’

Reacting, the guest said: “Wow! Okay, I didn’t expect that, no. Yeah, I mean I knew it was worth something, and it’s absolutely beautiful. But gosh… it stays in the family!”

It follows a repeat last week in which viewers were gobsmacked over the value of a hat belonging to Winston Churchill.

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A man came on the BBC programme with a box he saved from the dump where he works. In it were letters, a cigar and a hat that once sat on the head of the wartime PM.

The valuer drew a gasp from the gathered audience when he revealed how much it was all worth. He told the guest: “We think that your box is worth £10,000.”

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