Ant McPartlin’s ex reveals he’s “doing well” as Robbie Williams offers his pal support

Presenter's old Byker Grove pals are also standing by him

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We knew Ant McPartlin was one of the good guys and the support he’s had from the fellow celeb community after admitting himself to rehab for drink, prescription drug and substance problems confirms it.

Everyone from high-profile names such as Robbie Williams to Ant’s ex and Byker Grove alumni Nicola Bella, AKA Debbie Dobson, has come out to show their solidarity with the presenter.

According to The Sun, Robbie has been in touch with Dec to pass on some advice – after being able to empathise as he was once in a similar situation.

Robbie has now overcome his demons and is looking happier, healthier – ok and hotter – than ever (Credit: ITV)

“Robbie has battled the same demons as Ant and come out the other side, so he knows he must be going through hell,” a source told The Sun.

“He felt he could offer advice. He has been where Ant is himself, and wanted to help.

Robbie has chatted to Ant’s on-screen partner Dec to pass on some advice (Credit: Wenn)

“He has had conversations with Dec about the most helpful points of the treatment and what he found most difficult.”

Meanwhile the cast of Byker Grove – the show that originally made Ant famous after he starred as PJ alongside Dec’s Duncan – have come out in support of their former co-star too.

Nicola Bell, who Ant used to date off screen as well as on, and is still mates with her ex, told The Mirror: “He’s doing well, ­thankfully. We’re still in touch and still friends and I know that he’s doing OK.

“He’s had some lovely messages from people and a lot of support.”

Nicola is now a make-up artist – here she is. (You’re nostalgic right now, aren’t you?)

Now you’re wondering if anyone’s heard from Spuggie aren’t you? Well actually…

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“We’re still in touch,” Spuggie’s alter ego Lyndyann Barrass (who, if you want to feel old, is now 41) told The Mirror. “He knows my thoughts are with him. It’s not nice but these things happen.”

And Geoff?

Ant and his wife Lisa, with Dec and his wife Ali plus celeb pal Geri Horner and her husband

“I was so sorry to hear of the ­problems and wish him a quick recovery,” said Geoff. Or Billy Fane, as he insists on being known, what with that being his real name.

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In a sea of pouty selfie-based celebrity friendships, the cast of Byker Grove standing by Ant after all of these years is warming our hearts. Get well soon Ant.

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