Ant and Dec SLATED for offensive Stephen Hawking joke

Geordie pair upset I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! viewers

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Ant and Dec usually leave the whole nation laughing with their jokes on I’m A Celebrity, but not this time.

The Geordie duo have come under fire after pretending to call Stephen Hawking and seemingly mock him.

Oh dear.

Following Scarlett Moffatt telling the camp that she contacted the world famous physicist via his Hotmail account, Ant and Dec gave the professor ‘a ring’.

They were greeted by an electronic voice that mimicked the 74-year-old, who has motor neurone disease.

Viewers were livid and took to Twitter to share their disgust.

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One wrote: “Have them t**** just took the piss out of Stephen Hawking?….thats really low and not funny at all.”

Another said: “I found the Stephen Hawking jokes extremely distasteful tbh #ImACeleb”.

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A third viewer wrote: “Nah you don’t go after Stephen hawking like that lads. Not cool #ImACeleb #badtaste”.

The usually popular pair have also managed to offend the whole of Australia, I’m A Celeb’s host nation.

They sparked a diplomatic row after calling Australians “uncouth layabouts who rarely wash”.

(We thought that was students… JOKES!!)

Dec introduced a segment of the show saying: “As you know this job is about ruling over a group of uncouth layabouts who rarely wash and can barely light a fire.”

Ant then added: “Basically it’s like being the Australian Prime Minister.”

None too surprisingly, Aussies weren’t too, um, stoked to hear this.

Senator James McGrath – who represents the state of Queensland and is Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister – even spoke out on Good Morning Britain.

James, who was also deputy campaign director to Boris Johnson, didn’t hold back: “Maybe they’re looking in the mirror. That’s a bit rich coming from a pair of TV presenters.

“I wonder what was the last book they read that didn’t need crayons.

“They’re a pair of wusses, they should probably think about apologising.”

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James isn’t the only high-profile Aussie to slam Ant and Dec, entertainer Roland Roccichiolli added: “Australians are drunks and layabouts and they don’t wash?

“We invented the shower! Australians invented it. When I first started going to England, there was no air conditioning and no shower.”

Another MP, George Christensen added: “It’s a bit daft to be in our country and be making remarks like that.

“I think most British folk would understand, we do love a drink, that’s for sure. But we do wash as well.”

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A show source said: “The comment was made in jest to the Australian crew in a lighthearted tone that viewers would recognise as being a long established part of the past 15 years of IAC and was delivered in that spirit.”

Yeah, mate, she’ll be apples!