Another shocking twist for Max as Jack turns on him in tonight’s EastEnders!

All the bad things he's done in the past are coming back to haunt him!

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Max Branning isn’t exactly loving life right now.

His scheme to get revenge on Albert Square has backfired spectacularly and things are looking bleak.

He’s properly fallen out with daughter Lauren, Abi isn’t feeling too fond of him either, Cora’s stopped him seeing son Oscar, and everyone in Walford hates him.

Plus his allies at Weyland & Co have totally shafted him and he’s having to kip on brother Jack’s sofa.

Things aren’t going well for Max (Credit: BBC)

With Jack his only friend in the whole world, Max is still hiding the fact that he was responsible for Charlie Cotton returning to Walford and taking little Matthew away.

Jack doesn’t know Max engineered Charlie returning to the Square (Credit: BBC)

If Jack finds out about that, we’re guessing he’s not going to be happy…

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So when Max’s past misdeeds come back to haunt him in tonight’s episode, could it be Jack who’s next to see his brother’s true colours?

What happens remains to be seen, but the dramatic events lead Jack to throw Max out on the cold streets – forcing him to move in with Stacey.

Will Stacey regret reaching out to Max? (Credit: BBC)

And things look even bleaker when Max tries to reach out to his former friends and is right royally rejected (we can’t say we blame them!)

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With Max left with only Stacey to rely on, he’s simmering with rage and starts plotting an even more destructive way to get revenge.

Will he get mixed up in Phil and Aidan’s plan? Or is going to be Ian who’s on Max’s hit list?

It’s all leading up to a massively explosive Christmas Day and when Jane’s damning voicemail is finally found, it looks like it’s the end for Max Branning!

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