Another one?! Big Brother lovebirds have announced their engagement…

They want a "big gay gypsy wedding"

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It’s that age old question… When the press stops writing about you, what the hell do you do?

That’s right, pop the question.

Last week, weighty deadbeat Heavy D enjoyed his five minutes in the spotlight, when he surprised girlfriend Bryony Harris (WHAT?!? he had a girlfriend?) on Fubar radio, with a surprise proposal after knowing each other just a month.

While celebrity news sites were fast to report the news, barely a soul in the world batted an eyelid and interest died fast.

Now another set of Big Brother headline grabbers have decided to put a ring on it, no doubt in hope of a magazine deal and a few headlines.

Handsome Hughie Maughan and gobby X Factor reject, Ryan Ruckledge have announced that they too are to tie the knot, in spite of knowing each other barely four months.

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Instead of posting their delightful news in the Times, like most posh folk do, the reality stars let their fans know on social media. Where else?

“So the cats out the bag me and @hughie_maughan are officially engaged!” Ryan wrote. “So happy and can’t wait for the future #biggaygypsywedding ??”

Err… sounds delightful. Hughie added in a Tweet of his own: “FINALLY me and ryan can announce that we are officially ENGAGED! We are so happy and everythin feels right, huge hi five 2 the doubters.”

This isn’t the first time the pair have claimed to be getting hitched.

When they were in the Big Brother house during the summer, the pair pranked their housemates by telling them that they had got engaged just like their housemate of the time Andy West.

The joke angered the former BBC journo who felt that they were disrespecting the fight the LGBT community had fought to get equal marriage become law.

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“Anyone can get engaged at anytime they want to, that’s important,” he raged at Laura Carter at the time. “But when I think about the people who have fought for generations to do what they’ve just done. You have to mean it, be sincere.

“You don’t just say it! Sorry… I swear if they are taking the f***ing p*ss I will lose my temper!”

He then added: “They should not joke and not make a mockery of what people have fought for generations for.”

Well, good luck to Hughie and Ryan. Only time will tell now.