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Another EastEnders favourite joining Mel Owen’s comeback?

Characters were thick as thieves back in the day

EastEnders fans are convinced that Lisa Fowler could be coming back to Walford, following the recent announcement of Mel Owen’s comeback.

If viewers get their way, actress Lucy Benjamin could be about to return to EastEnders after her hugely successful stint on the show earlier in the year. And, with old friend Tamsin Outhwaite also back, this reunion could be huge!

Fans loved seeing Lisa back on their screens earlier in the year. (Credit: BBC)

Lisa’s recent shock return to the Square revealed that she’s been suffering from mental illness after she kidnapped daughter Louise from hospital. It was left up to Louise’s dad, Phil Mitchell, to rescue her and get her the medical attention she urgently needed.

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Following the kidnapping, Lisa was then sectioned, and that’s the last we saw of her. But could all that be about to change?

Viewers were shocked when Lisa kidnapped her own daughter. (Credit: BBC)

Fans have been asking for more Lisa in the show, and with her best friend Mel confirmed to be returning, could this mean Lisa won’t be far behind?

Taking to Twitter, viewers have admitted having Lisa and Mel back in the Square could spell huge trouble for Phil… @E20Laundrette wrote, “The return of Mel & Lisa would be great too! Poor Phil, he’s always got trouble with blondes.”

Twitter @E20Launderette

Another fan hinted the same… @ashleyincouture said, “We need at least one story arc with Mel & Lisa! Phil won’t know what hit him.”

twitter @ashleyincouture

@Spiceyben said that maybe Mel could be the one to free Lisa… “Mel was classic #eastenders. This is beyond exciting. Now we just need her to rescue Lisa from the hospital.”

twitter @SpiceyBen

And @007claw also agreed, “I think we need a Mel and Lisa return best friends. Bring EastEnders back to its best.”


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Her big exit storyline saw Lisa jetting off into the sunset to join Mel abroad, so the pair have obviously been keeping in touch. But what could be bringing them back to Walford?

With Mel’s return already confirmed, surely it’s only a matter of time before Lisa follows? (Credit: BBC)

With Mel set to return in the new year, it’s clear she has some unfinished business in Walford, but could her comeback mean Lisa’s return is imminent? Keep your fingers crossed!

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