EastEnders announces who definitely will NOT die in gas explosion

At least one person will lose their life next week

EastEnders is gathering pace ahead of its huge week of episodes next week in which someone will die.

So far, the soap has remained tight-lipped on the unlucky person set to head off to Soapland in the sky, but now they’ve released details for the following week and we know six people who definitely won’t expire.

Martin’s frantic after the explosion (Credit: BBC)

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Next week we’re set to see a gas explosion rip through Walford in Bloom, putting the lives of almost every resident of the Square in danger.

There’s also set to be a fire at Beales’ set by wicked Steven trying to keep his brain tumour lie a secret after Jane finds out. He’s been blackmailed into silencing his stepmother by Max and the storyline is said to lead to Steven’s exit.

Steven goes way, way, way too far when he sets fire to Beales (Credit: BBC)

Ted Murray is reportedly going to shoot a neighbour when flashbacks to the war cause him to fire his gun, and an ambulance with Linda and Johnny Carter in will overturn.

It doesn’t sound like anyone’s going to make it out alive at this rate!

But in episode synopses released for the week after the big disaster, six people have been confirmed as still alive and kicking.

Kush seems to be fine the following week (Credit: BBC)

Kush Kazemi, Denise Fox, Bernadette Taylor, Karen Taylor, Tom Bailey, and Michelle Fowler are all still in Walford and facing another week of strife.

Kush will have a proposition for Denise, but events take an alarming turn, leaving Denise feeling guilty.

Dee’s okay too (Credit: BBC)

Bernadette is upset by what Karen does, and Tom is still trying to win over a nervous Michelle.

But that leaves quite a few key players still in the running for the big dramatic death.

Stacey Fowler goes missing after the blast and husband Martin is left struggling to find her. Can he locate his pregnant wife or is it too late?

Jay wants to find Phil (Credit: BBC)

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And Phil Mitchell is also missing having been stood very, very close to the blast. His 578th life finally given up?

Will Steven succeed and end up killing Jane? Or will he end up falling foul of his own plan and meeting a fiery end himself?

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