Jeremy Kyle announces devastating death of iconic guest as family return to show

The former guest became an internet sensation following her stint on the talk show

Jeremy Kyle announced some sad news on Wednesday’s episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show that an iconic guest had tragically passed away following their stint on the show.

A elderly guest called Betty became an internet sensation after her appearance on the show had viewers in fits of laughter.

Betty’s daughter Tracy had got back in touch with the show after revealing her daughter Lucy holds her “responsible for her mother’s death”.

Betty became a sensation online after her stint on the show (Credit: ITV)

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Betty became a sensation on the internet with fans branding her a “granny warrior” and the “legendary granny” after she had fans in hysterics for waving her walking stick to defend herself.

After showing a throwback clip of Betty on the show Jeremy broke the sad news to viewers.

He said: “I’m devastated to tell you that Betty sadly passed away earlier this year.

“Since then her daughter Tracy has been back in contact with the show.”

Jezza went on to explain that Tracy is back to try and solve a long-standing feud with Lucy.

The fiery guest sadly passed away earlier this year (Credit: ITV)

Jeremy explained that Lucy holds Tracy “responsible” for Betty’s death.

As Tracy walked out onto the stage she opened up about her mum’s death.

She told the host: “I stepped up and moved in with her August last year and became mum’s carer.

“She had a leg amputated two years ago and then sadly she passed away.”

Lucy was on the show to accuse her mum of being “the worst mum” ever and only caring for Betty “to get hold on her money”.

Betty’s daughter Tracy was back on the show to confront her daughter Lucy (Credit: ITV)

Tracy hit back labelling her daughter a “prostitute” and then accused her of “robbing off my mum”.

She then started a row with Lucy’s ex partner, who was in the audience, calling him Lucy’s “pimp”.

Lucy then came out on stage and confronted her mum.

She shouted: “You’re dead to me, I don’t want anything to do with you!”

Lucy accused Tracy of being “responsible” for Betty’s death (Credit: ITV)

Turning to Jeremy, 52, Lucy added: “She’s never been a mother to me.”

She went on to insist that she looked after her nan Betty up to her death and not Tracy.

Lucy accused her mum of “abusing” Betty for her money.

Tracy was quick to hit back at her daughter’s claims saying: “I never hit my mum.”

Breaking up the heated row Jezza paid a heartfelt tribute to Betty.

He said: “This woman was unbelievable. One of my favourite guests of all time.

Jezza paid tribute to Betty admitting she is “one of my favourite guests of all time” (Credit: ITV)

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“Somebody put something on YouTube and it became an internet sensation, millions of hits.

“I want you two to stop your hatred for one second and look at that screen and remember that lady.”

The show then played a clip of Betty on the show as her daughter and granddaughter watched on.

After the video Lucy broke down in tears.

Jeremy added: “She loved you both. What would she be thinking right now? To think that you two are on this program again screaming insults against each other.

“Why can’t you draw a line in the sand in memory of that lady?”

The pair then agreed to discuss their issues with each other off camera as they left the stage together.