Angry viewers accuse “hypocritical” This Morning of bullying guest

They had aired an anti-bullying segment minutes before

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This Morning viewers have branded the show “disgusting” after body shaming a guest.

Martina Big, a woman with size 32 S breasts, sat down with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes to talk about her appearance just minutes after they welcomed EastEnders actress and anti-bullying campaigner Jasmine Armfield to the show.

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The 28-year-old from Luxembourg showed off a dramatic transformation from a pale girl with short hair, to dark skin, huge breasts and peroxide long, blonde extensions.

Martina, who is now a glamour model and has the biggest breasts in Europe, also injects herself with tanning injections that are banned in the UK.

Explaining why she got them, she said she wanted “crispy, brown tanned holiday skin.”

She then explained that she had always admired Barbie and former glamour model Katie Price and desired to be just like them.

People at home couldn’t help but share their disgust about how the ITV show was ‘body-shaming’ Martina when they had only just been preaching the opposing view with Jasmine, who plays bullied teen Bex in EastEnders.

She was on the show to talk about the Be Kind campaign; the 18-year-old is urging others to speak out when they see their friends being bullied.

Her character on the soap has been going through a terrible ordeal, with a group of school girls constantly taunting and bulling her.

The actress even said that it had been “distressing” for her to watch.

Talking to Ruth, she said: “I think because the bullies have so much ‘power’ they’re nervous to step in in case they get caught in with it as well.”

Viewers didn’t miss a thing though, and brought up the juxtaposing segments.

An angry Twitter user wrote: “#ThisMorning it’s awful that we’ve just had a segment on bullying and now it’s all about roasting Martina for her life choices #Disgusting”.

Another noted: “#ThisMorning from a segment about bullying to a segment of blatant body shaming let her do what she want it’s her body.”

Calling the chat show hypocritical, another addded: “‘Girls bully girls because we are [brought] up to value how we look’ … & then bringing on a guest to judge how she looks? Really? #ThisMorning”.

A viewer wasn’t happy with how the segment was “ridiculing an obviously insecure woman…”

Even Eamonn couldn’t help but share his amusement at guest Martina.

He wrote: “I’m not sure about “RuthieeL”s new look. What do you think ?” followed by a laughing emoji.

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We don’t think that’s going to go down too well…

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