Angie Best blames Coleen Nolan’s marriage issues on her weight

The Loose women ladies laid into the ex-CBB contestant

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Angie Best has caused a huge stir on today’s Loose Women after she controversially spoke about Coleen Nolan’s relationship issues.

The ex-Celebrity Big Brother housemate appeared to blame Coleen’s marriage problems on her weight!

She came on the show to discuss what happened while she was in the house and address the fight she had with the Loose Women presenter.

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They came to immediate loggerheads when Angie entered the house, with Calum’s mum commenting on Coleen’s smoking habit.

Coleen really didn’t like that and eventually had to tell her she’d had enough of her preachy ways.

Angie hasn’t let the argument go since leaving the mad house and told the Loose Women panellists that Coleen’s weight and confidence issues had led to her problems with husband Ray Fensome.

You came to the wrong place Ang…

“Coleen is a very strong, independent woman,” said Angie.

“But at that age, you lose your mojo, your lose your confidence. I didn’t know [then] about her marriage problems.”

Yikes! It then got a bit awkward when Lisa Riley stook up for her pal and said: “But maybe that’s the last thing she wants to think about – she’s having marriage problems, she doesn’t want to think about training and weight loss. The last thing she wants to do is lose weight.”

Angie responded straight away, saying: “But if she had taken that on board earlier, maybe she wouldn’t have marital problems.”

The entire audience gasped (we did too), and Linda Robson then had to pipe up to protect her friend.

“I don’t think the marital problems are to do with her weight,” she said.

“Well he said he didn’t find her attractive anymore,” Angie said in defence. “She still needs to have her confidence back.”

Lisa then made a point to say that she should have been there for her, instead of offending her.

“But maybe that could’ve been done in a sisterly way,” Lisa hit back. “Like, I’ll look after my girl, because she needs a mate.”

“It’s like she didn’t have a friend in there. It’s like she’s lost, isn’t she,” remarked a clearly unimpressed Linda.

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Viewers took to Twitter to share their anger at Angie too.

One said “…stop living off her ex’s name!”

Another added: “Great to see Lisa stand up for Coleen rather than the bluntness of Angie. Women should support each other with care & empathy! #LooseWomen”

Too right!

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