Andrew Garfield rejected from role for not being “handsome enough”

British actor missed out on playing Prince Caspian in Narnia movie

Andrew Garfield lost out on the chance to play the titular royal in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian because producers didn’t think he was “handsome enough”.

The Amazing Spider-Man star was still trying to land his big break when the project came about, and the Brit thought he’d be perfect for the role.

However, he reveals his dreams of starring as C.S. Lewis’ literary hero in the 2008 release were dashed by casting directors – and it reportedly had nothing to do with his acting talent.

“This is so silly,” he explained to Entertainment Tonight as he dished on the role he “really wanted to play”. “There was a Narnia movie. The Prince Caspian film…

“Ben Barnes ultimately got it,” Garfield continued, laughing, “Ben Barnes, I’ll get ya!”

Admitting the snub “really stung”, he added, “I think the feedback was, ‘He’s not handsome enough.’ What can you do? Hey, I’m not handsome enough for Prince Caspian.”

Garfield went on to score a key role in 2010’s The Social Network, which gradually led him to bigger and better things.

Now the actor is receiving high praise for his latest projects – his Martin Scorsese movie Silence, and Mel Gibson’s World War Two drama Hacksaw Ridge, in which Garfield portrays real-life pacifist Desmond Doss.

His performance in Hacksaw Ridge has already earned him a Golden Globe nod for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama, and the film has been tipped for further success ahead of the 2017 Oscars nominations.

Andrew appreciates the critical acclaim, but he’s not entirely comfortable with the awards season buzz.

“Who doesn’t like a pat on the back?” he asked. “But there’s something also really – I find discomfort in it. I think we all do, right? Of course to be told to whatever degree you’re doing alright, that’s something that we all need. We all need that in our lives.”