Andrea McLean reveals cruel comments her ex made after she’d had a baby

Men need to be careful about what they say to their ladies

It’s very rare for couples who have been together for a long time to stay looking the same for all those years.

After all, with a loving relationship comes romantic eating together, having a family and lying around the house in each other’s arms.

But do couples still like the bodies of their partners they fell in love with?

Well, that was the discussion on today’s Loose Women.

The women were discussing if partners can still be in love with their other half’s bodies years later (Credit: ITV)

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The conversation was inspired by a Facebook post that recently went viral in which a woman called Laura stood in front of her husband and told him that she “didn’t have the body he fell in love with”.

He replied, “you’re right,” but hastily assured her that it was “the body that grew our children and the body he falls in love with everyday”.

Unsurprisingly the audience went all gooey at the gorgeous comment while show host Andrea McLean was suitably impressed by the hubby’s response and deemed it the “correct one”.

Andrea told the girls that an ex asked when she was gong to lose the baby weight (Credit: ITV)

However, the story inspired a not so nice memory for the gorgeous Loose Woman who revealed that she was shamed by an ex.

“Finlay’s dad wanted me to get in shape really quickly and I remember him coming home from work when I was on maternity leave saying ‘what do you do all day?'” she said.

“So I had that response and he couldn’t quite get his head around that your body changes.”

Luckily her second hubby didn’t have a problem with shifting her baby weight.

“Steve, Amy’s dad, never had that at all.

“That made a difference. You’re so vulnerable and raw when you’ve just had a baby.

“I put on four stone with each baby and of course your skin is only so elastic. It didn’t just sort of ping back.”

Andrea has revealed that her current boyfriend made a comment about her cellulite (credit: ITV)

She also said that her boyfriend Nick Feehey had recently pointed out her cellulite just before she and the other girls stripped off for Loose Women body confidence campaign.

“I’ve had it with lovely Nick now, because we worked so hard with the body stories thing – we were at the gym, we were all watching what we ate and even he started going ‘Babe, your cellulite’s coming back’.”

Nadia was shocked by Andrea’s ex’s comments (Credit: ITV)

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Upon hearing this, Nadia gasped and scolded “naughty Nick” for the wicked comment, which the audience echoed with a loud round of applause.

Nick had better watch himself or the ladies will be after him!